Can i use my own modem for nbn

I want to use my own D-Link Wireless AC Dual band router in conjunktion with the Optus Modem but I am also registered to have Optus phone, I believe that that is possible by connecting the phone into the Opttus modems phone jack. Please tell me if that is correct and if there is any special permissions that I would need from Optus.

Next wouldd be what type of phone can I connect to that modem I would like to use a Portable Phone with 3 handsets if that is possible. Hey helmie - whilst I can't confirm specific equipment compatibility, generally speaking we do support BYO equipment.

That being said, you must plug your Optus supplied modem in first to activate your new connection, once your service is activated and working, then you can swap the connection over to your own device. If you have a home phone number with Optus on the NBN and you intend to use it, you must use the Optus supplied modem as your main network connection as the modem is specially configured to your phone number. On top of this, our Tech Support teams will be limited in the troubleshooting and support they can provide if you choose to use your own equipment.

There is just one thing that I am not certain about in your answer to my query, I fully understand that I will need to use the Optus Modem-Router for the Modem function, my big question is after you say the activation with the optus modem can I without problems use my own WiFi Router it is a dual band WiFi Router only has no Modem function, so it is not a Modem-Router only Dual band WiFi Router.

And yes I have an Optus Phone Number that I need to use and this is the second question, will my phone work by connecting it to the Optus Modem but still using my own Router. Hi, I have the same question, but have a HFC connection. I'm now using the Optus supplied router in the same config except my landline phone is connected to it also, which works just fine.

Most things are working as before, but there are some strange things that now aren't. Apps on my LG TV now won't work, and the Speed Check app reports that it can't connect to a server, although the web browser app works just fine.

Also, my Beyonwiz PVR plays up with reporting it can't connect to the internet, but with some coaxing eventually does. All a bit odd.

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I've made no changes to the R config to believing that it was not necessary as by changing to NBN I was just changing the underlying connection layer and that my home network which entirely runs on the R would not need to be changed.

I suspect the person asking the question on this thread may come to have these problems, so thought it OK to add my question here. Sorry if that is inappropriate, and if so, ask the admins to please let me know. Searching through the Forum I have come across a concerning comment that I would like to have cleared up as well.

But we also have a Telstra landline that has been cancelled some 12 month ago, but is still there. Since nobody answered my question here I went directly to Optus Support and I was guarnteed that the Optus phone line is the one to use for re-cabling. I'm just confused by the Optus line comment. We don't own any copper infrastructure. PM us with your details.

Well today I had new Cat5E cable installed from Telstras Phone Line connection on facia board, front of house, and I tested the connection with the suplied NBN connection Box and yes I have 3 blue lights after about 8min second blue light was solid. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.A router is a device which essentially directs data around a local network, as well as to and from the Internet at large.

Most home routers these days come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi antenna which allows you to create your own local wireless network around the house. Compare Wireless Routers. The whole purpose of the rollout of the NBN is to provide Australia with much faster, more reliable internet. As such, a new router for the NBN may be a justifiable purchase, because:.

Is Your Router Ready for the NBN?

Use our comparison tool above to see plans from a range of other providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner. Broadband download and upload speeds are commonly measured in Mbps megabits per secondreferring to the rate of data transfer. The higher the speed tier, the quicker your internet will likely be, and the more you will generally pay.

To put the sort of download speeds being offered by the NBN into real-life perspective:. Many devices bundled with NBN plans are sold as a combination of modem and router, and setting up your router correctly can yield faster speeds and a more pleasant experience. Once an NBN-capable router has been purchased, there are a number of additional actions that can be undertaken in its setup to create an optimal environment for making the most of high-speed internet.

Via its blog, NBN Co advises that:. Range extenders also known as wireless repeaters are another means of expanding Wi-Fi access, working in conjunction with routers to broaden coverage. For more on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal, this article dives in with more detail. This depends on what NBN speed tier you desire. A simple way would be to go with NBN plans that include a router:.

This is not an extensive list of providers, so it pays to check with your desired provider. In fact, there are very few current routers that flat-out do not work with the NBN.

Not all routers are made equal, though. How serious are you about fast NBN? There are a lot of factors outside of your control when it comes to the delivery of high-speed internet via the NBN. But by ensuring that the equipment being used is optimised for high-speed broadband, you will be doing all you can to make the most of your new NBN service. Compare NBN Providers.So heres the problem.

I purchased one killer D link modem a year back that is compatible with ALL internet network types. I had not a single issue with it after optus help me set it up. Caveats being that our Optus VoIP may not work without our Sagemcom modem connected and we can't provide you any support at all for third-party hardware. Other customer's may be able to give you advice and experience using their own modem on a FTTN connection. I and quite a few others agree with what you are saying.

There have been some versions of success with setting up your own router and the supplied P. S Sagemslow to effect both good WiFi network and still have telephone operational.

Using your own Compatible Modem with Vodafone nbn™.

This however is still not good enough as far as I beleive. We Should have an alternative that is of better performance than what is offered at present.

Please do a search, either on my name or your topic header and you will find some answers, but I cannot say for certain that they will be without flaw. As an aside note, I can only speak from my experience, but while everyone around me is having issues with their ISP's and downtime and lag etc, I am happy to say that this is the one thing that OPTUS has never failed me on.

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I get the speed I pay for, constant connection and reliable service. If only they had hardware that could supply me with the last part in my house and not the rubbish we get.

How ever your answer has still given me hope! I know it can be frustrating, I am sorry I cannot get much time to search myself and give you a good link to the Whirlpool direct. This means dual band, 2.

can i use my own modem for nbn

I have started a new topic with the specifications aand a photo of it in the NBN section of the Forums. Although it has IPV6 functionality, this is only a presence until it is operational on the network. Still much better than the current version, it has the IPV6 completely removed.

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If your other router is WAN capable, plug that in as first unit, then the Sagemcom into that. I beleive this is the preferred methodolgy to retain the phone service and provide reliable access to using your own equipment. Just ensure your DNS is not the same as the Sagemcom's Another item in your Sagemcom to check is your WiFi settings, ensure your broadccast is on high, 40mhz, and you are in the upper bandwidth.

I myself use ch If you have a smart phone, get yourself a free WiFi scanner and ensure that you are not clashing with any other nearby WiFi. There are only three channels that do not overlap on the 2.

There are many things you can do, patience and seeking help is a great start. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Wilbur94 New Contributor. Hey guys! Any help will be massivly appreciated. All forum topics Previous Next.We don't do such thing with the service of our customers.

Can I bring my own nbn-ready modem?

I was able to locate an account using your community details and seen that there's a case that is being handled by our Engineering team. They were trying to contact you, but you were unreachable.

Do you have any preferred time for them to try again? You may also inform them that you have a different modem to try. Hi belvianbnwe can see that our Technical Escalations Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised. We can see that you have been advised to contact DLink for further support as the device is still unable to connect to our network despite all troubleshooting.

You may contact the manufacturer of your own modem to guide you with the configuration. Make sure that the settings are correct and the modem is compatible with NBN service. If you would like to configure your own modem, then you need to make sure that the settings are set as follows. You may check this list of compatible modem with the NBN service.

If you don't have a new modem as of yet, you may check our community link with some guide on how to improve your WiFi connection at home. Click here. Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Ask a Question. Level 1a.

Urgent help would be greatly apprecitated! All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Kind regards. Hi thanks for the reply. Any time between 6am-3pm tomorrow Tuesday is fine Scott.Outgoing calls are OK. I have looked into this issue online and it seems that the "one way audio" problem for voice is caused by lack of open firewall forwarding ports. Here is how i have connected but can't get any incoming calls.

Need help? Order online today Get help with any Tech at Home with Telstra Platinum Don't forget to tag answers as Accepted Solutions and give a Like to the member s who helped you out. All moderation actions are supported by the CrowdSupport Community Guidelines. Are you sure that bridging the Telstra Gateway max as supplied for NBN will still allow the phone side to work? I have an existing setup that works fine for the house network and really don't want to go thru setting it up again due to a modem it seems we are forced to use simply for phone calls.

It should, however it is not a standard set up so is not supported by our BigPond technical support team.

TPG - Setting up NBN FTTN/FTTB

If you are needing assistance with advanced configuration or 3rd party devices, I would recommend that you contact Telstra Platinum on or a private computer technician of your choice. Can you check your incoming call settings to see if you have any forwarding settings turned on. Long story short. I have new NBN working well with a wired home ethernet network using own router to get better perfor I have a router configured with Turn on suggestions.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

can i use my own modem for nbn

Did you mean:. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments. Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic. March Using my own router. Please advise.Account Number if applicable. Whilst you can bring your own modem BYO when purchasing Sumo Internet, we recommend purchasing a pre-configured Sumo modem when you sign up, as it makes setting up your modem and internet service a breeze.

If you would still prefer to BYO modem, it needs to be nbn -ready and not locked to another network. We will provide you the Sumo settings however you will need to know how to configure your particular modem. How do I install my modem? How do I update my Wi-Fi settings? Managing your Battery Backup Can I add multiple nbn services onto the same account? What do I do if I have a complaint about my telecommunications account?

Can I merge my energy and nbn services into one payment? How can I change my plan? How can I reschedule my appointment? How will I be notified of my appointment? What happens on installation day? What should I do if my circumstances change after I submit my order? What equipment does the nbn install? When will my service be activated?

What is the nbn installation process? How do I set up my Sumo NetComm modem? How do I set up my own modem? When will my modem be delivered? Can I bring my own nbn-ready modem? When should I cancel my existing internet service? Can I get a home phone service with Sumo nbn? What do I need to connect to Sumo? Is the nbn available in my area? Why switch to Sumo nbn? How do I sign up to Sumo Internet? How reliable is Sumo nbn? What type of nbn plans does Sumo offer?

What happens during a power failure?

can i use my own modem for nbn

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can i use my own modem for nbn

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